Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Moon light & the Nightingale

What I love about photography is that the picture is made of light. I am from Finland, where light is very limited during winter (which always feels like forever), so it can be very tricky to take good pictures in limited light conditions without a tripod. In the summertime, however, even the night is light. I spent last summer in Morocco, so I missed the Finnish summer nights quite a bit and now that I am in my hometown again for the summer I am planning on taking some pictures.

The night before last the moon was out and I heard the thrush nightingale singing beautifully from my balcony. It was a magical night. What caught my attention was the Moon light that appeared in the shape of a Celtic Cross trough my window. I wonder if that is a normal light phenomenon when the moon light shines trough a multi layered window? I will see next time the moon is out again.

I have always loved long exposure photography, but then again I do not have the expensive gear (or that much patience) to take that to the professional standard level....But still, I enjoy it. So I will continue experimenting with my photography and I do quite like the photographs that are a bit blurred and out of focus.

These pictures were taken on 9th of June around 1 am in Valkeakoski, Finland.

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