Sunday, 29 June 2014

Forest Spirits in Seitseminen Natural Park

I must say the forest is a magical place beyond imagination. Protected, ancient forests such as this 400-year-old forest in Seitseminen National Park are extra special places that ought to be respected. Fortunately we do have forests, such as this one, still standing and keenly visited by people from all walks of life.   There is definitely a difference between a natural, old and diverse forest and a commercial forest. I just wish we would have more protected forests like this one.

Me and my family visited the forest this week and there was so many people there admiring the beauty of the forest and just generally spending their day in nature. This to me confirms that the Finnish nature is still in the hearts of the people.

I took some pictures in the forest, but I was being attacked by the mosquitoes so it was a bit hard to concentrate! (by the way, I have been using fresh lemon as a natural repellent for mosquitos and it does work! I just had not taken enough care when applying it prior to entering the forest...)

What I was especially drawn to in the forest was the quirky natural formations, that to me look like forest spirits.I do have a vivid imagination, but I am sure others will see them too!

Have a great Sunday evening!

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