Sunday, 22 June 2014

Snow in June

When I am abroad, people always ask me "Does it snow in Finland in the summer?". I always laugh and say no. This time, however, I was wrong!

 I could not believe my eyes when it started snowing last Tuesday morning 17th June. So after my initial shock I of course ran upstairs and grabbed my camera. I don't think I have ever seen snow in June before. I am almost certain of it. So I have not had much practice on focusing the camera on snow flakes like this, it was suprisingly hard! But like I have said before, I do like blurry Photograps, so lucky me! :)

I am hoping the weather starts to warm up again, since this summer solstice was nothing short of freezing cold! Apparently it was the most coldest midsummer in 30 years...!

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