Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Saarioisjärvi Forest in August

Below I would like to share with you a poem by Hortensia Pineda. She was inspired to write this beautiful piece after viewing the picture above.... Nature can speak to us in so many ways, it is so incredibly touching and beautiful. Thank you Hortensia, for this shared experience!

My branches reach towards the sun,
My roots attach to Mother Earth,
I AM in transition now,
preparing to support the birth,
A new Earth of love and peace, this is an invitation to join me!
Let us come from a place of pure love, where life is respected,freed, and pure as a dove
I accept you as you are and you accept me , together we will heal our Earth
Together we will sing in joy,
Together we will bring the unconditional love, for every girl and boy.
We will sing the melody of a harmonious choir and our voices will be heard throughout beautiful Gaia. We uplift, heal, and support each other as our new Earth begins its ascension.
It is a joyous occasion,
this time we will not fail,
We know we are each others mirror,
and turning back is to no avail.
So join us on this odyssey,
of freedom, truth and light,
So we can sing together, and together shine bright!
We are each others keeper
So our hearts beat as ONE
There's no more separation,
The battle will and IS won!

 Here are some pictures I took on a little trip to our local nature reserve called Saarioisjärvi. I really love this place and I have been going there since I was a little girl with my dad and my uncle on their bird watching trips. There is a really beautiful path trough the forest to the small lake where all the beautiful birds can be spotted.

Below you can see the pictures I took by the lake. We saw two Western Marsh Harriers (Ruskosuohaukka) and we were able to spot their nest on top of this tree on the other side of the lake as well. There were some crows and other birds disturbing the nest so the birds were chasing one another in the evening sky.

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