Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dragons, Rocks and Gold

In July me and my family took a trip to Lapland. We stayed in Kuusamo and one day we went down to see the Kiutaköngas rapid in the Oulanka National Park.  The Rapid was so powerful, it was an incredible experience. However, what I was especially drawn to was the rock an the formations in the rocks that the rapid and erosion had formed.I was overwhelmed by this figure that to me looks just like a dragon! With this idea I then I looked at the place with completely different mindset.

On the way there we found these rocks that had golden sparkles on them, and they were incredibly beautiful. These stones were just gravel that had been transported there from elsewhere, but still it felt very magical!
 These three stones in the middle of the rapid felt special to me, the flowing water made beautiful patters around it. 

 In the pictures above I see several faces in the rocks. Some of them are huge, some of them are smaller... but so intriguing! These stones captured my imagination since I saw them, and I am still very curious about this place and its history.
This last picture is a "Hiidenkirnu" or a "Giants Kettle". There was several on the site by the running water, I saw four really close by to where I took all of these pictures. Giants kettle's are formations created during the ice age, they say. I think I will look more in depth into them now... :) 

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